Aspen UTO

Pavement condition survey

Aspen - Accelerometer System for Pavement Evaluation


Comprehensive evaluation of pavement condition and assessment for sidewalks, bike roads and streets

Features of ASPEN system


ASPEN system devices
ASPEN e-scooters


ASPEN process visualization

Aspen UTO is not an alternative for standard ZEB evaluation

  • Aspen does not identify all of the classic ZEB indicators required by BASt
  • It is based on international roughness index (IRI) where the correlation with laser-scanner reference data exceeds 80%

Aspen is a completely new way to examine pavement surface perfect for those who:

  • want to evaluate narrow surfaces such as pavements, bicycle paths or inaccessible streets
  • cannot afford classic diagnostics
  • expect repeatable and objective data
  • need arguments to raise funds for infrastructure maintenance
  • want to go a step further in digitising their unit


ASPEN application has been developed as part of a research and development project carried out by Heller Consult for four-wheeled vehicles and is used to measure the condition of surfaces. The road network should provide a safe and comfortable ride. These aspects can be described by the evenness of the road pavement and surface distresses. Our sensors mounted in vehicle “tremble like an aspen leaf”, which enable the effective acquisition of information about the vibration level.

ASPEN process visualization

The use of smartphones equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and GNSS receivers allows obtaining an objective information about the state of the entire network in relatively simple way. We have been developing this application for over two years. ASPEN allows unlimited range of measurements and is lowers the costs of surface condition diagnostics, as it does not require expensive measuring devices. The project has been implemented with financial support from the European Space Agency ESA.


Heller Consult is a Polish company that provides tools and information to support road authorities in decision-making processes. We are constantly improving our competences and extending the scope of our activities. For more than twenty years we have been sharing our knowledge and experience with the road administration of Poland, Germany and other European countries. We actively cooperate with companies on the road infrastructure market as well as with scientific institutions. The company specializes in the road condition diagnostics, planning maintenance strategies, traffic and safety analysis. In addition, we provide consulting services and perform audits and certifications related to road management. Our greatest value is our team both of talented engineers, programmers and analysts and cooperation of scientists and experts.